Personal & Business Financing


At Salaam Somali bank, we offer Sharia Compliant personal and business financing with affordable rates and longer repayment plans. All our investment products and services are conducted free from RIBA.


We offer Sharia Compliant asset based financing of land, properties, import and export commodities, car finance, and consumer goods with flexible repayment plans in consideration to our customers’ source of income.


We embark on Sharia Complaint business partnership to establish new or expand an existing business. Under this scheme profits and losses are shared between the bank and the customer, in accordance to the Islamic Sharia Guidelines.


We understand the need to encourage entrepreneurship skills by offering Sharia complaint investments via our Mudarabah Scheme to those who have great business ideas.


Under this scheme we offer our clients the opportunity to own properties. Under agreed terms, we can build you your dream home, with longer and flexible repayment plan.


Under this scheme, we offer our clients free micro-finance on a goodwill basis. The debtor is only required to repay the amount borrowed.

Other Services

  • Payroll Service
  • SWIFT Money Transfer
  • Fintech
  • Online banking services
  • Customer support centre